Sunday, July 5, 2009

wow. we heart YOU

Wow. Melanie and I have been pretty slow at updating things around here, but I have to say! You all totally ROCK! We still get so many thoughtful emails appreciating the time we have put into these photos and recipes and I am so grateful for them. Thank you! So here are some updates for our friends that are still hanging around and these new ones that are finding us every day.

1) Let's see, I had another baby. That's the second one I have had since starting this site- making it a grand total of three in my family now. Her name is Sylvia born 5/23/09.

2) Melanie found out that her local Barrow's Pizza here in Arizona serves gluten-free pizza that is super yummy for $10. I am not aware if it is going national or not, but if you have one near you tell them you want it.
3) Melanie also found out Wal*Mart carries some gluten-free labeled food storage! I will suggest she expand on this when she has a moment (nudge, nudge).

4) I happened upon this Gluten-Free Pantry mix at Wal*Mart and would show you a photo of the brownies, but my husband ate the pan so fast I couldn't get a shot. Big hit- and he's hard to please in the gf brownie category.
5) AND I heard these details from our friends at General Mills regarding their GF Betty Crocker products:

* We’ve made the chocolate chips in our cookies bigger! When they hit store shelves, they’ll have standard-sized chips.

*All 4 products are Kosher Pareve, Made in a Gluten Free Processing Facility, and carry BoxTops for Education®

*For those who don’t want to add dairy, we’ve created no-butter preparation directions and will post them on our product site: (Note: the site isn’t up yet, but we’re pushing for at least something to be up in early May)

*The site will also have a product locator (type in your location and it’ll tell you the stores near you that have sold the product within the past 90 days), recipes, and FAQs.

*Betty Crocker® Gluten Free Dessert Mixes are a proud sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation

*Folks can let us know if they want ongoing info/offers about General Mills’ growing line of GF products… If they call our Consumer Services number: 1(800)446-1898 (same as is on the boxes), they can sign up. The real perk of this re: the new products is that we have coupons that we’ll be sending to each household that signs up this summer so they can try a box of the new Betty Crocker® Gluten Free Dessert Mixes completely on us.