Friday, March 20, 2009


Okay, here is the devil's food cake mix review. Delicious. Soft. NOT crumbly! Moist. I have to admit, it tastes the same to me as their regular cake mixes taste. I don't know how they did it, but they did. Superb. I wish I could hand everyone one of these cupcakes I made from the mix right through the computer.
I really don't post these to make your drool. I just want you to be every bit excited as I am reading you are because you have reason to be. It's easy to make, hopefully will be easy to find, and tastes awesome. Everything this blog was intended to report on when we launched its birth.

One last mix to try.......yellow cake be continued!

p.s. sorry the photos are of much poorer quality than I prefer, but I just wanted to eat many of these while they were warm. So I didn't put much time or effort into the photo shoot.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Okay, I couldn't wait to try the cookies. The cakes will have to wait.

Of course they were good. It's no surprise. So here is what I think was good about them: the outside crunch like a typical cookie that would be laden with gluten, but a soft-in-the-middle goodness. I liked how they spread as they cooked. The cookie taste was spot on with what I would relate to my favorites of the regular variety- those of the already-made cookie dough kind you find in the refrigerated section.
I will admit, the chocolate chips were tiny and didn't pack enough of a punch with that part of the cookie, but that's easy to solve. When I make these again (which I will for sure stock my pantry with these alongside the brownies) I will be adding extra chocolate chips. Also, please note I probably over-cooked them by not catching my oven timer quick enough. Which is why mine looks darker then the ones on the box. I think next time I will try to follow the guidelines more closely on cooking time. But they still tasted good!
The bottom line is- they are easy to make quickly, yummy, and to be able to have something like this on hand and easily accesable at a grocery store is a dream come true for any family feeding a celiac person (I am only assuming the availablilty ease, as I personally am not aware of where they will be distributed this summer).
I can't find another gf cookie mix I would like better, however, I do prefer the taste of a made-from-scratch recipe I have made in the past.
Note: I did not check the brownie mix and the box is trashed, but I did check the cookie mix and it is not soy or dairy free (someone asked in comments).

Sunday, March 15, 2009


1) It's looking like June we should be seeing these products hit the shelves. I do not have information about price points.

2) Holy COW am I a tease! Sorry for making you wait so long for further pictures and reviews.

When my husband and I were first married, prior to his Celiac diagnosis, we would make a quick brownie mix from a box every Sunday night. It was one of few traditions we had and it was one I would miss greatly when the news broke about his new dietary needs. Friends, although we have tried many gf brownie mixes that have been all over the board with taste, cost and availability, none have made their way to replace our Sunday tradition of years past. This brownie mix might finally be The One. Two words for you:


What I love about a brownie is there- the most important part is the crusty, flaky top: check. They also need to hold together without crumbling apart: check. Then the type of fudgy center that your teeth sink into: check. And the most rarely accomplished with a gf chocolate treat is the after taste- if it is void of the chalky aftershocks: check!
I wish I could send everyone a box right now. But I cannot. Keep your eyes peeled in June and I will share info as I get it.
The cake mixes will be up next.......

Saturday, March 7, 2009

guess WHAT

We got a sneak preview in the mail and we can't wait to try them all out tomorrow!!!!


Stay tuned for taste test results.......