Friday, June 8, 2007

Apple Snacks

So sorry about the lack of posts this week. We've been really busy, and haven't really cooked much of anything. But the weekend is looking up and I've got some great stuff planned.

Apple Snacks

One of my most favorite snacks, that doesn't involve gluten or gluten free items at all, is apples with cheese. Mmmmmm. I love Golden Delicious apples best, as they have a great firm texture and are still sweet, with no bitter peel. We slice them, and serve alongside sliced medium or sharp cheddar cheese. Tillamook is one brand of cheese we buy often. The more flavor the cheese has, the less you need to use. Just stack apple and cheese slices like a sandwich and eat. It's a perfect summer snack.

Apples and peanut butter is a classic snack that somtimes finds it's way into our lunches as well. Again I use Golden Delicious apples and creamy peanut butter. Try sprinkling on raisins, for added sweetness. Between my kids and I, apples don't last long at our house.

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liz said...

love apples and love cheese, i never really thought of eating them together.

great shots- super bright and appealing.