Tuesday, October 16, 2007

GF Pantry Ginger Spice Cake Mix, and Frosting

Gluten Free Pantry Ginger Spice Cake Mix
Plus Lemon Butter Frosting

I've tried this mix before and have been pretty happy with it. It's especially good warm. When you cool and frost it, it becomes a little dry, but not excessively so. My daughter gave this a thumbs up.
We used lemon butter frosting, which complements the cake very well. It gives the cake a little zest. All you do is add a lemon juice instead of milk to your butter frosting recipe. Soooooo good. I'll give you my recipe, but it's just an approximation. I never measure when I make frosting, I just add a little liquid if it's too stiff and dry, or a little sugar if it's too runny. I continue to alternate the two ingredients until I have my desired amount.

Lemon Butter Frosting

1/4 cup butter
2-4 Tbps lemon juice
2-4 cups confectioners sugar

Beat butter. Add 2 Tbsp lemon juice and 2 cups confectioners sugar. Beat well. Keep adding lemon juice and sugar until you reach your desired consistency.


liz said...


okay I totally need to stock up on these for the holiday season. i love baking in the fall/ winter.

Let Them (not) Eat Cake said...

That looks pretty yummy... I'm a little wary of Gluten-free Panty products though- the couple things I've tried were really grainy (choc chip cookies and brownies maybe?). It was like eating sand... I think I might have to try the spice cake though, I'll take your work for it :)


Melony said...

I know what you mean about the texture. I find many mixes have textural issues. This is very good right out of the oven, and on the same day you make it. The next day, it was okay, but dried out pretty quickly, especially around the edges. I, of course, refrigerated it, as I do with all my gf baked goods, so that might've had something to do with it. It was still worth it though, because it was a pretty fantastic cake. And we ate it all, so that says something.

Lea Ray said...

I agree with you. This mix is definately worth buying again. The last time I had it, I put cream cheese frosting on it. But I will definately try it next time with you lemon butter frosting. Thanks.