Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Since opening up kill.the.gluten in April of 2007, we have gotten well over a dozen emails asking us about bread. How to make it, special tips, and guidance. I am honest to say I will never be an expert on making bread. I buy gluten-free bread from Whole Foods. I am a bit of a cheater that way. Maybe someday I will have the desire to tackle such a feat. And when I do, I will check out this excellent post about making bread over at gluten a go go.

So those of you yearning to make bread, give her site a go!


Sondra said...

I had been with out a slice of bread for a long while because I was unable to find gluten free and egg free. Well, last week at whole foods I found one and it was OK. Everyone keeps saying to bake my own. I agree with you- no-it just ain't worth the effort to me!

michelle said...

I have tried and tried and never have succeeded in a really good bread. We cheat and buy it too. Oh, trader joes does have really good rice tortillas though.

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