Tuesday, April 15, 2008

RAD! Giveaway

Mary's Gone Crackers has a whole series of flavorful gluten-free crackers!

I got my own loot of samples last week and I couldn't be more pleased with the strength and durability plus the punch of flavor each of the varieties (Black Pepper, Onion, Original, Herb, Caraway) comes with every crunch. I don't see many options for gf crackers that makes me stray far from the corn chip, but this is a definite yes. Good for regular snacking and fancy enough to display at a party with a yummy cheese spread.

as the random winner will get their own variety samples pack sent to them.

In my photo I dipped the original flavor in Jalapeno Chutney.

p.s. Isn't this the BEST name possible for a cracker company? I love it.
p.s.s. if you don't win you can order some from amazon.com or their website.


Carly said...

I love those. Give them to me, please?

~M said...

These look full of flavor. Please enter me!

~Kat~ said...

Oh- those look tasty! I bet a good scoop of goat cheese spread would go nicely with that.

Kris said...

I wonder if my little 5 year old would enjoy these. Sign me up and we'll find out. Thanks for letting us know where we can buy them from!

samaber said...

Mary's Gone Crackers are absolutely awesome. I love the original flavor with roasted red pepper hummus, and last night I had some of the black pepper flavor with brie. Incredible! I get them at Whole Foods (near Wash, DC), but that could just be local luck!


Carrie said...

oh I LOVE these crackers! I would love to have some more! They are so tasty with soft cheese!!

Kristin said...

Hubby has pretty much hated every GF cracker he has tried so far. Always willing to try something new, just in case it's wonderful!

Lisa said...

And I thought I had found all yummy GF foods! Thanks for sharing!

Kara said...

Yum! They sound great.

kelly said...

My sister and I both have been diagnosed with celiac and are looking for tasty tidbits to add to our GF diet! Would love to try these crackers and share with her!

Sarah Beth said...

I tried one of these at my mother's house and it reminded me of an "everything" bagel. Ah...crackers--my two year old would love this with dip!

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Count me in! :)

Lauren said...

Hmm...I wonder if they have Mary's Gone Crackers in Canada...I've never seen them!

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