Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gluten Free Travelin' Grub

What to take on a Roadtrip
Gluten Free Style

Seeing as I have a vacation coming up to visit a certain sister-in-law,and her husband, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share with you some good car food so you don't have to limit yourself to bunless burgers. All you need is a small cooler.

Grapes-Organic, of course! Actually they are, but only because they were on sale. Now I feel like I've joined in on all the cool people who buy organic foods. Seperate these into snack size baggies for a quick and sweet snack.

Apples-Cut these up into slices, put into snack size baggies, and sprinkle a little pineapple or lemon juice on them. Eat with cheese or peanut butter.

String Cheese-I love string cheese. No prep needed, as it comes individually wrapped for your enjoyment.

Crackers-I've blogged about these Kame crackers before. They are perfect with cheese and apples, or peanut butter.
Cheddar Cheese-We love the extra sharp variety, as the mild is to bland to eat plain. Use the cheese slicer you know you have, and slice. Place in snack size plastic baggies.

Larabar-This is a treat. Notice I only bought one. 190 calories for one is almost like eating a candy bar. Only without all the bad stuff.
Chocolate-Okay, bring the bad stuff. But notice I bought DARK chocolate. So I'm getting all those antioxidents. Again, only one.

Diet Dr. Pepper-This is just for me. Come on, it's a 13 hour drive!

Popcorn-I feel like a genius for this one. I'm going to pop a few bags and seperate into small baggies. My kids will be in heaven when they realize we have popcorn. I plan to use it as a bribe when they act up. Did I mention that I'm going to be driving for 13 hours with 4 small children? That brings us back to the chocolate.
Peanut Butter-Mmmmmm. I love this for a snack. I am a Skippy woman, but I hear choosy moms choose Jif. Whichever you decide on, bring it and some spoons.
Yogurt-Okay, Gogurt. It's not exactly healthy, seeing as how high fructose corn syrup is an ingredient. But they are highly convienent and better most road food.
This is what I'll be packing. Hopefully it'll keep us from stopping 8000 times to get a snack. Now we'll only need to stop for potty breaks. Hmmmm, maybe we will be stopping 8000 times. But at least we won't need to buy snacks.


liz said...

awesome post!

these are great ideas to add to our little list of beef jerky and sunflower seeds Mike eats. ;-)

Shelly! said...

This was awesome! I just used it to put together our road trip goodie bag!


Jay said...

Great suggestions. I just found the blog and love the recipes. I hope I can get my wife to cook me some of these things!