Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gluten-Free Cereal

Gluten-Free Cereal Round-up

We love the emails we get thanking us for this site. We also love the tips on new GF products and questions that come our way. One recent question came from Lindsay. She asked about cereal options of the gluten-free variety and where to get them. Here is what we have tried in our home.

1) Barbara's Bakery brand makes Puffins Cereal and Corn Flakes

2) EnviroKidz makes Peanut Butter Panda Puffs, Koala Crisp, and Gorilla Munch

3) Post makes Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles

As for where to get these cereal options, it depends on where you live. When my husband was first diagnosed we lived in Brooklyn, NY. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's were not options for me, so I had to think outside of my routine and found many health food stores carried a great variety. As I have moved to the suburbs, I am finding organic or health food sections of regular grocery chains have started to carry gluten-free foods such as cereal. The internet is a great tool to assist you in your search for local (or neighboring town) health food stores or seeking a product's availability for ordering on-line, such as!

Do YOU have any cereal suggestions to add to our list?! Please share the love!

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Marci said...

I am 26 and have been diagnosed with Celiac disease since age 2. When my now 3 year old daughter was starting to eat we weren't sure if she also had it yet and the Envirokidz peanut butter panda puffs were are favorites! She luckily doesn't have Celiac but we still eat mostly gluten free fare since I'm the cook :-). My friend found your blog and passed it on to me. I love it!

Marci said...

Also, a side note. I use Quaker rice cakes for lots of things. I make ricecake pizzas in the microwave and sandwhiches with turkey, etc (If you melt cheese on them it prevents the ricecake from crumbling). Since gluten free bread is either expensive or something i don't want to make all the time it is a nice option.

Liz said...

cool marci- i wouldn't have thought of that one! awesome.

Let Them (not) Eat Cake said...

So, I've gone through a whole box of Peanut Butter Panda Puffs already... I found them at a supermarket believe it or not! I was pretty stoked. Thanks so much for the info!

debbie said...

My husband and step-daughter and father in-law have celiac disease.
So tonight I made cocoa pebbles crispy treats. There delicious,a chocolate version of the old rice crispy treats.
You can also use fruity pebbles but i have found them to be too sweet.

swilliams said...

Gluten-free and oh so delicious! Rice Chex® is as tasty as ever – the perfect ingredient to create crunchable, munchable, gluten-free snacks and meals with any of these fabulous recipes.
Check out their receipes for Gluten Free Rice Chex found at your local grocery store

Valerie said...

Wow! I woulda never thought of Cocoa Krispies and Fruity Pebbles!! Thanks guys!!

Adi said...

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