Tuesday, January 29, 2008

gluten-free registry

Thanks, Rob and Lisa from Washington, for this awesome tip!

Gluten-Free Registry is a site that has you plug in your state of interest (where you live or where you plan to travel to) and many gluten-free restaurants, bakeries, caterers, etc. appear at your fingertips. I am eager to use it and super appreciative of their effort preparing and launching this. Read their press release here.

By clicking on my state, CA, from their map I just found a gluten-free bakery in a town about 15 minutes away. Brilliant site.


Shauna McCabe said...

Unfortunately that resource is only for people who live in the USA. I've written to the site suggesting they expand the registry world wide so that celiacs and those with wheat allergies in other countries can take advantage of the site. Besides, wouldn't you like to know where you can eat if you went on vacation?

It's just me... said...

Awesome! Thank's Rob and Lisa!!

Liz - had no idea that you were in CA too!

It will be fun to see the site progress as businesses learn they can list themselves here! I know there is a lot more than what we are seeing. Just glad to find it all in one place!

liz said...

shauna- i agree it would be awesome to see it globally. I bet it won't be too long before someone (if not them) expands it once the USA site gets packed with info.

Gluti Girl said...

I love your blog. I've tagged you! Check out my site for details.

gfregistry said...

Thanks for the feedback! We're happy to announce that we've added an International page, and have started researching and adding gluten-free friendly businesses abroad. Traveling with a gluten intolerance is very challenging. We hope you find this new resource useful. Keep those suggestions coming!