Monday, February 11, 2008

"cookie pie"

After my toddler watched me
mix Pamela's chocolate gluten-free cookies in a blender,
mix with 2 tsp. of butter
and bake (350 for 10 minutes),
then fill with chocolate ice cream
he spent the following 8 hours asking me when we could eat "cookie pie".
So cookie pie is what it's now called in my home. And we took a suggestion of a reader's comments a while back and put magic shell chocolate topping on top! Yum.
Note: I let the ice cream sit on the counter to soften while I prepare the cookie shell and it works well.


Katie said...

Looks delicious! I make a really yummy "cookie pie" as well using the imitation oreos....K-toos for the crust. This looks really great!


the veggie paparazzo said...