Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't forget about this awesome gravy recipe! Sooooo good with the juices from the turkey!!!

I got stocked up on all my favorite already-made gf goods from Whole Foods. I was happy to see this year they had a special freezer endcap with all the gluten-free goods you would want for Thanksgiving, even some new to us things (biscuits).

noodles for turkey soup (leftovers)
pie and pie crusts
crackers (in case I go crazy and get fancy cheese)
bread (for turkey sandwich leftovers)


kelly said...

wish i would have checked this post earlier, i didn't really enjoy thanksgiving this year, i need to do more preparation for myself. dry turkey and mashed potatoes just don't really do it on thanksgiving. any ideas for stuffing alternatives?

liz said...

yes- check our archives, my husband makes a grear cornbread/ sausage stuffing.

I always want to post our meal plan, it doesn't always come together until the day before!

liz said...

here is the link- under the sidebar word 'sausage'

kelly said...

thank you, i will try it! thanks for all your posts that make life easier for us

holly said...

Those glueten free crackers are the BOMB!! I just bought some for my son and he loooooves them! I find them much tastier and crunchier than crackers made with flour.

Amy Jo said...

I love that endcap section of Whole Foods! That place has been my lifesaver, I must say. Both of my boys are gluten free and the bagels and bread have made things so much easier. Glad I found your site today...I'm making the gluten free au gratin potatoes right this very minute, as we prepare to celebrate the new year. Happy New Year!

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