Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rueben Sandwiches

Rueben Sandwiches

Gluten free bread (I like Ener-G brand)
Pastrami (I use Boar's Head)
Swiss Cheese slices
Thousand Island dressing (I use Kraft)
Sauerkraut, drained
margarine spread

Heat a large skillet to medium high. Butter one side of bread, and spread a thin layer of dressing on the other side. Place bread butter side down on skillet. Add sliced cheese, pastrami, and sauerkraut. Butter another slice of bread, spreading another thin layer of dressing on the opposite side. Place on top of sandwich, butter side facing out. Grill until golden. Flip and grill until the other side is golden. Serve warm.

I really missed rueben sandwiches after the initial celiac diagnosis, but didn't want my dearest to suffer as well. So he would make them when I wasn't around. I just couldn't find a substitute for the rye bread. One day I decided to try it with regular store bought rice bread, and was surprised to find that there wasn't much difference in taste or texture. Gluten free bread is naturally better toasted, and this brand works perfectly. It's a plus that I can buy it at my grocer.
Make sure your other ingredients are gluten free as well.


Julie said...

I'm glad Design Mom put you on her blog button list. Your food looks so beautiful. I want to make and eat right away, and I'm not even gluten sensitive. I recently discovered an alternative method that is supposed to cure people with this sensitivity. I am doing it with several allergies that I have. So far, it has worked. Miracle!

Karen said...

Do you use the packaged or frozen Ener-G bread? I have been hesitant to try them for my own review site due to less desirable feedback . . . I would love to hear more about it.